Michael Fields, MD, FACOG


For Physicians

Dr. Fields is designated as a robotic 'Epicenter' surgeon, one of 20 in the nation with the distinction, denoting a center of excellence in his practice of robotic surgery to treat his patients and to teach advanced skills to other surgeons.  Not only has he trained most of the gynecologists practicing robotic surgery in our region, he has also trained other surgeons and robotic surgery teams nationwide.

The Epicenter concept was developed to provide interactive observation and training to surgeons and surgical teams interested in improving their skills, quality and efficiency.  The visit involves one on one time with Dr. Fields, case observation and interaction with the surgical team in a live operative environment, an interactive didactic session to address specific needs of the visiting surgeon and/or team and an informal meeting with our supportive hospital administration.

The Epicenter caters to both new surgeons with limited robotic surgery exposure and experienced robotic surgeons seeking to take their operative skill and experience to another level.  Dr. Fields and his team concentrate on specific skill sets, procedural and technical tips and best practices that are reproducible and sound.

To schedule an Epicenter visit, contact Angie Denton, Robotic Surgery Site Host at Tennova Turkey Creek Medical Center, at 865-218-7086 and also contact your local Intuitive Surgical representative.


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